Property Management

Since we have many properties directly managed by the owner, it is often possible to smoothly carry out customer requests such as price negotiation, furniture and management. 


Also, finding affordable rental properties in a convenient location is not easy. Let Bed & Go help and our professional staff will help you find your ideal home. Our experienced staff will listen in detail to your desired conditions in order to select a property that suits your budget and needs. We will support you from property search to exit, so please leave it to us.

We offer short-term (from 1 night) and long-term properties to meet all your needs. We partner with a local group of local brokers to guide you through a large number of properties at local prices, so you'll be sure to find your ideal home. Search our database and choose from the huge number of available properties. We will guide you to the most suitable property.


Real Estate Management

At Bed & Go, all the rooms are managed responsibly by the manager so that we can maintain the valuable assets of our customers under high value. Utilizing our wealth of know-how about real estate in the Philippines for many years, we will perform the most suitable real estate management suitable for the location and property. As a “professional owner” who owns real estate for business, we manage a number of properties centering on Manila and Cebu.

Also, are you a customer who owns investment real estate and wants to use it several times a year? Let Bed & Go do the rest.

Bed & Go is always aiming to optimize your real estate investment strategy and maximize your asset value.

Bed & Go makes three commitments regarding real estate management.

1. Think of it as your own real estate and treat it as carefully as possible.

2. To maximize operations, keep costs as low as possible and maximize profits.

3. Please manage with the spirit of hospitality so that tenants and owners who use it can use it comfortably.

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