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5 Key Points for Investing in Manila Real Estate to Make the Most of Philippine Growth, 2024 Edition


Date: April 26, 2024

The Manila real estate market has emerged as a standout performer globally, outstripping other renowned cities in luxury residential value growth. In 2023, Manila's luxury real estate market saw an unprecedented increase of 21.2% in property values year-on-year. This robust growth not only positioned Manila above Dubai and Shanghai but also highlighted the potential within the broader Philippine real estate sector amidst a modest global increase of 2.1% in residential home prices.

As we move into 2024, Manila continues to attract investors' attention due to several key factors that promise to redefine its real estate landscape. Here are five critical points that encapsulate the prospects and challenges of investing in Manila's real estate market:

1. Infrastructure Development Driving Growth: The Philippine government's commitment to enhancing infrastructure remains steadfast with a $160 billion investment planned for 194 high-impact projects across the country. Metro Manila, in particular, benefits from pivotal projects like the Central Terminal in Quezon City and the MRT-7, which are expected to improve connectivity and boost property values in adjacent areas. These developments are instrumental in setting the stage for Manila's real estate boom in 2024.

2. Surge in Demand from Luxury and Business Sectors: The demand for luxury residential units continues to surge, fueled by returning expats and business growth, particularly from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. This resurgence is pushing developers to increase the construction of premium units, with prices reaching up to P750,000 per square meter. Similarly, office spaces are anticipated to witness a significant uptick in demand, with an estimated take-up of 300,000 sqm, indicating robust business confidence and a flight-to-quality trend among BPOs in major business districts.

3. Challenges in Maintaining Affordability for OFWs: Despite the booming market, developers face the challenge of keeping properties affordable for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), whose interest in property ownership has notably increased. The rising property values pose a risk of pricing out this significant buyer segment, which is looking for properties priced between P2.5 million and P7 million.

4. Revival of the Retail and Hospitality Sectors: The retail and hospitality sectors are set for a positive turnaround, bolstered by the country's strong GDP growth and improved infrastructure like the Metro Manila Skyway. The government's initiatives to promote the Philippines as a premier MICE destination and the gradual return of tourists are revitalizing these sectors, making them attractive for investment.

5. Government Support and Favorable Investment Climate: The proactive measures taken by the government to ease regulations for foreign brand entry are enhancing the investment climate. This regulatory relaxation, coupled with a favorable economic environment, makes 2024 an opportune year for investors to explore the Manila real estate market.

Investors interested in the Manila real estate market should conduct thorough research and possibly consult with industry experts to make informed decisions. The market is ripe with potential but also requires careful consideration to maximize returns and minimize risks. For those looking to capitalize on these opportunities, platforms like Bed&Go Real Estate offer valuable resources. They provide a user-friendly interface for property searches, backed by professional advice and customer support, ensuring investors can navigate the market effectively to discover potential investment gems before the competition intensifies.




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