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  • Rhona-Rita M. Udtujan

Moving Out with Us!: BedandGo Guidelines


Moving out is more than moving your furniture and your things. Moving out can be tedious work during this time of a pandemic, especially now that a new deadly Covid-19 Delta variant is starting to spread. There are tons of things to prepare and do.

Here, at BedandGo, we can give you guidelines and tips on safely moving out.

Before Move Out

1. Please inform BedandGo of the schedule of your moving out, so we can process all the moving out documents. For any changes in schedule, you may inform or contact any of our representatives. Fill up move out forms a week before your schedule.

Pro-tip: Double-check your documents and files. Always ask for a receiving copy. Processing of documents might take long so make sure that all your documents are complete before you schedule your move out.

2. Make sure also to leave your place clean. Clean the units, including the air conditioners, grease traps, etc. If you're having a hard time doing so, you can request for our Cleaning Services: General Cleaning is only for P2,500 per Studio Type Unit and Aircon Cleaning is P3,000 only. For more information regarding our other services, you may check our website:

Pro-tip: Clean as you pack. Sanitize the things you will bring to your new home. Provide disinfectant and sanitizers for you and the people who will help you move.

3. Payments for all utility bills should be settled. If done, please submit the latest Official Receipt of their payment.

During Move out

Once your move out clearance is released, our representative will call you to inform you of the details. During the time of your move out, we will be there for you. We will do the inspection and check the "move out" item list in your unit. If you will be needing Move Out Services, contact us and we can provide you help.

Pro-tip: Plan out your moving out schedule. Plan out the things you will do and bring, so you will not forget anything. Make a checklist.

After Move Out

1. BedandGo will provide the Bill of Statement for your security deposit. Make sure to check and if there are any questions or concerns, you may contact our representative. You will be given a 60 days to 2 months time period to settle your bills.

2. Please pay the deposit based on the period indicated in the contract and date that was agreed by both parties.

Note: It is important to pay all your remaining dues to avoid conflict and hassle for both you and our company.

During the whole process of your moving out, make sure to always follow the health and safety protocols. Always wear your mask, wash or sanitize hands, clean your area, and to keep your social distance.

Covid-19 has made most of our activities harder and tiring. This includes your moving out. Planning your move out and following health protocols are both important. Please stay safe during your move out. We will update you on any new regulations we will implement.

Cuddle up and keep safe!




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