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A Night of Networking Brilliance: Chronicles from the 18th JFC Networking Night at Sheraton Hotel

Date: 6 December, 2023

Sheraton Manila Hotel, the location where we had the Networking event - Source:

In the heart of Manila’s vibrant business district, I found myself amidst the glittering lights and opulent ambiance of Sheraton Manila Hotel, attending the 18th JFC Networking Night. As a representative of BedandGo inc., this marked not only my first foray into networking outside the Netherlands but also a rendezvous with luxury and an opportunity to engage with industry giants.

The Grandeur of Sheraton Manila Hotel: A Luxe Networking Affair

From the moment I stepped into Sheraton Manila Hotel, the air was thick with an atmosphere of sophistication. The venue exudes elegance, with every detail meticulously curated to create an ambiance befitting a night of high-stakes networking. Crystal chandeliers, plush furnishings, and impeccable service set the stage for an evening that promised not only professional connections but a dash of glamour.

A Global Networking Debut: Stepping Beyond Borders

For me, this event was more than just a night of networking; it was a leap into uncharted territory. Having honed my networking skills in the Netherlands, the prospect of engaging with industry leaders on an international stage was both exhilarating and slightly nerve-wracking. The diversity of professionals, each bringing their unique perspective and experiences, was a testament to the global reach of the event.

BedandGo Inc. Takes Center Stage: Showcasing Innovation in Property Management

Representing BedandGo Inc., I found myself in a unique position to share our innovative approach to property management. The elegant booth adorned with our company branding became a focal point, drawing curious glances and inquiries from attendees. As I engaged in conversations about our services, it became evident that the global real estate community was receptive to the fresh ideas and solutions we brought to the table.

Mingling with Titans: Conversations with Colliers, Knight Frank, and The Ascott

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the opportunity to converse with industry titans. Colliers, Knight Frank and The Ascott, names synonymous with excellence in the real estate sphere, were among the distinguished companies present. Engaging in dialogue with their representatives provided not only insight into their strategies and vision but also a chance to position BedandGo Inc. on the same stage.

Navigating the Networking Landscape: From Elevator Pitches to In-Depth Conversation

As the night unfolded, I found myself navigating the delicate dance of networking. From succinct elevator pitches that conveyed the essence of BedandGo Inc. to more in-depth conversations, the event offered a spectrum of opportunities. The key, I discovered, was not just exchanging business cards but fostering genuine connections that extended beyond the confines of the event.

The BedandGo Inc. Difference: Pioneering change in Property Management

Amidst the grandeur and conversations, I took pride in sharing the BedandGo Inc. story. Our commitment to innovative property management solutions, sustainability, and a client-centric approach resonated with many. The global stage provided a platform to showcase not just our services but the values that set us apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

Beyond Borders, Beyond Expectations

The 18th JFC Networking Night at Sheraton Manila Hotel transcended the conventional boundaries of networking events. It was an immersive experience that not only elevated my understanding of the global real estate landscape but also positioned BedandGo Inc. on an international pedestal. As I left the opulent halls of Sheraton. I carried with me not just a stack of business cards but a trove of possibilities and the promise of future collaborations on a global scale.

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