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Primer: Masayoshi Ishibashi of BedandGo Real Estate talks about Philippine Leasing Market

Mr. Masayoshi Ishibashi, Director of Operation for BedandGo Real Estate, talks to Primer Media regarding real estate rental in the Philippines. In a full page interview on Primer’s February 2021 Issue, they talk about the recent trend of real estate leasing and the effects of Coronavirus pandemic to Philippine market.

The whole article tackles four major points. 1. Current State of the Real Estate Market in the Philippines. 2. Important Points in Choosing a Rental Property. 3. The Secret in Maintaining a Comfortable unit to Stay In. 4. The Process leading up to the Establishment of BEDANDGO.

Mr. Ishibashi shared insightful knowledge regarding the rental property market as well as the nature of BedandGo Real Estate. This article aims to help you to understand the real estate market, especially in this trying time, and to also help in your search, looking for a place to stay here in Manila. If you want to read more, this japanese publication issue is available at the Primer website.

Mr. Masayoshi Ishibashi also featured with his staff in BedandGo. BedandGo Real Estate, established in 2017, is the representative of Japanese people in the Philippine Real Estate market. BedandGo works hard in training their employees and creating a system to manage that upholds the values Japanese hospitality.

Part of the article features BERENTA, an interactive, listing website that showcases rental units of your choice. Don’t forget to check it out when you are looking for a specific location, apartment, or condominium type.

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