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  • 執筆者の写真Gilles van Diek

BedandGo Inc.: A Catalyst for Global Growth and Profound Learning

Date: 26 January, 2024

As my tenure with BedandGo Inc. reaches its end, I reflect not only on the experiences gained but also on the invaluable lessons that have shaped my journey as a property manager in the dynamic landscape of the Philippines.

Navigating Uncharted Territories: Insights into Property Management in the Philippines 

Working as a property manager in a foreign land presented unique challenges and opportunities. BedandGo Inc. served as my guide through the intricacies of the Filipino real estate, providing a firsthand education on the nuances of property management in the Philippines. 

Cultural Dynamics in Tenant Interaction 

Interacting with tenants in the Philippines involves an understanding of cultural dynamics that differ from those in my home country. BedandGo Inc. facilitated an environment where I learned the art of building relationships with tenants, acknowledging cultural sensitivities, and fostering positive communication. 

Interior Selection: A Fusion of Aesthetics and Cultural Sensibilities 

Choosing interiors in the Philippines is an art that blends aesthetics with cultural sensibilities. BedandGo Inc. exposed me to the delicate balance required in selecting interiors that resonate with local preferences while maintaining global standards of quality and comfort. 

Prioritizing Needs: Air Conditioning, Two Bathrooms, and Cultural Nuances 

The divergent priorities in the Philippines, such as the prevalence of air conditioning over central heating and the norm of having two bathrooms for service workers, unveiled a unique set of considerations. BedandGo Inc. taught me to align property management strategies with these priorities, ensuring seamless integration into the local lifestyle. 

Comparative Insight: Filipino vs. Dutch Property Management 

My journey with BedandGo Inc. provided an insightful comparative study of property management priorities in the Philippines versus the Netherlands. The shift from central heating to air conditioning, the cultural significance of multiple bathrooms, and the emphasis on personalized tenant interactions underscored the adaptability and cultural intelligence integral to successful property management. 

Recommendation for Aspiring Property Managers 

For those aspiring to venture into property management, especially in diverse international settings, BedandGo Inc. is not just an employer; it’s a mentor. The exposure to varied cultural practices, the hands-on experience in adapting management strategies, and the emphasis on holistic tenant satisfaction make it an ideal learning ground. 

A profound Journey of Growth and Gratitude 

As I express my gratitude for the profound learning experiences, I leave BedandGo Inc. not just as a property manager but as a global professional equipped with insights, adaptability, and cultural intelligence. The company’s commitment to nurturing its team’s growth makes it a beacon for those seeking more than just a job/internship - a transformative journey into the world of international property management. 



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