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Exploring Rental Choices in Manila's Dynamic Urban Landscape: From City Studios to High-End Condo

Date: November 22,2023

Source: Lamudi

Embarking on a journey to Manila, Philippines, is not just a geographical relocation; it's a lifestyle choice. The city, with its bustling streets and diverse landscapes, offers a spectrum of living options that cater to every budget and preference. Whether you aspire to dwell in the heart of the city's vibrant chaos or seek a more serene abode outside the metropolitan, this guide unveils the rental landscape and lifestyle choices that await you in Manila.

City Living in Metro Manila:

Nestled within the urban heart of the Philippines lies Metro Manila, a dynamic and energetic metropolis that caters to various lifestyles. In the heart of Manila, a tiny studio apartment can become your urban oasis for a modest ₱15,000 (approximately US$268) per month. If luxury is on your checklist, city-center apartments or condo units offer rooftop pools, sports facilities, and stunning views at ₱25,000 (around US$447) per month.

However, it's worth noting that while Metro Manila offers a plethora of opportunities and amenities, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, particularly for those yearning for the sun-kissed shores.

Convenience and Luxury: Renting Condos in the Philippines:

For expats seeking a blend of convenience and luxury, condos in the Philippines stand out. These urban havens come with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and security guards, making them an attractive choice for those desiring a secure and comfortable lifestyle. Although condos can be pricier than apartments, their added benefits often make them worthwhile, especially for those settling in urban areas.

Affordability and Considerations:

One of the most appealing aspects of renting in the Philippines is the affordability. A one-bedroom apartment in Manila can cost as little as $300 per month, a stark contrast to the hefty sums demanded in cities like New York, where a similar dwelling might cost upwards of $2,000.

When navigating the rental process, it's customary for landlords to ask for a security deposit of one to two months' rent, a safeguard returned to tenants if the property is well-maintained. Lease terms typically span a year, although some landlords may propose longer periods, necessitating careful consideration.

Additional Costs and Cultural Adaptation:

Unlike some Western countries, utilities are not typically included in the rent in the Philippines. Tenants are responsible for covering electricity, water, and gas expenses. It's crucial to inquire about a landlord's pet policy if you have furry companions, as many landlords do not permit pets.

Renting in the Philippines can also be a cultural adjustment, especially for expats unfamiliar with the local customs, cuisine, weather, and traffic. Embracing the differences and respecting the local way of life is key to a smooth transition.

Rental Prices Across Metro Manila:

- 1-bedroom condo: ₱20,000-30,000 per month

- 2-bedroom condo: ₱30,000-40,000 per month

- 3-bedroom condo: ₱40,000-50,000 per month

- 1-bedroom apartment: ₱10,000-20,000 per month

- 2-bedroom apartment: ₱20,000-30,000 per month

- 3-bedroom apartment: ₱30,000-40,000 per month

Outside Metro Manila:

For those seeking a quieter pace of life outside Metro Manila, rental prices drop significantly. A 1-bedroom apartment in a smaller city or town can cost around ₱5,000-10,000 per month, with 3-bedroom apartments reaching ₱15,000-20,000 per month. However, these are estimates, and prices may vary based on location, size, and included amenities.

Whether you envision yourself in a sleek city condo or a tranquil apartment on the outskirts, Manila offers a myriad of rental options to align with your lifestyle. As you embark on this adventure, meticulous research, understanding your needs, and embracing the cultural tapestry of the Philippines will undoubtedly make your stay in Manila a homecoming rather than just a residence.




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