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Five Tips That You Should Know When Leasing Real Estate

1. One-time payment for rent gives more advantages.

By paying for one year in a lump sum, it may be 5-10% cheaper. If you have the money, let's get the best price with a single payment.

2. Request first the additional furniture.

It is easy to accept the additional purchase of desired electrical appliances and furniture at the time of rent negotiations. We may also ask for additional appliances and furniture instead of a discount agreement.

3. The real estate search is best a month after the contract date.

You may not be accepted if the contract start date is more than one month ahead. Also, if you start looking for it too soon, and you decide to make a contract, you will already be rented to another person and you will have to search again. To avoid such troubles, let's start the preview less than a month after the contract start date.

4. Let's rent through a real estate agency with a free brokerage fee.

In the case of real estate in the Philippines, landlords generally bear the fees for real estate companies. Before asking the real estate agent, first, check the brokerage fee with the real estate agent at the time of renting.

(Bed & Go has no brokerage fee for a monthly rent of 30,000 pesos or more.)

5. Let's decide on the priority.

Whether it is rent, location, pet-friendly spaces, with a parking lot, etc. Let's confirm your priority if this can or cannot be accommodated. By doing so, you can make a prompt decision when you meet a real estate that suits you, and you will not be taken by another person. The better the property, the sooner it disappears.



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