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Manila's Property Resurgence: A Global Standout in Luxury Real Estate and Growing Demand


Date: December 5, 2023

In the dynamic arena of global real estate, Manila has transcended borders, asserting itself as the avant-garde of luxury living and reshaping the narrative of demand-driven property dynamics on a global scale. The resounding crescendo of Manila's ascent is echoed in the remarkable surge of 21.2% in luxury property prices over the past year, as per the groundbreaking report from Knight Frank. This surge, surpassing not only regional counterparts but also established global players, marks Manila's arrival at the forefront of the world's most sought-after real estate destinations.

Traditionally overshadowed by the likes of Dubai and Miami, Manila has emerged from the shadows, casting its brilliance across the global real estate stage. Outshining all 46 cities included in the analysis, this metropolis of over 13 million inhabitants stands as a testament to the synergy of domestic ingenuity and foreign investments, creating a market for high-value homes that knows no bounds.

Dubai, once the epitome of luxury real estate growth, now finds itself in the wake of Manila's meteoric rise, boasting a 15.9% annual increase. However, the third quarter brought a measured 0.7% rise between July and September, signifying a shift in the global narrative. Liam Bailey, Global Head of Research at Knight Frank, emphasizes the significance of Manila's surge in average annual house price growth, urging investors to recalibrate their perspectives in this evolving landscape.

The global real estate canvas, once dominated by traditional powerhouses, now bears the indelible strokes of Manila's ascendancy. The city's property market is experiencing a renaissance, fueled not only by economic dynamism but by an insatiable demand that outpaces even the most established counterparts. Manila's condominium developments, with their sleek and modern designs, transcend mere living spaces; they are lifestyle statements challenging and redefining global standards.

As the demand for office space in the National Capital Region (NCR) reflects an economic renaissance, Manila's property market serves as a beacon, transcending pre-pandemic levels and making a profound impact on the global real estate landscape. This resurgence is not confined to local news; it's a global announcement, inviting investors and property seekers alike to explore and embrace the unique and vibrant offerings that position Manila as an undisputed global leader in modern luxury and demand-driven property.

Mikko Barranda, LPC Director for Commercial Leasing, notes a substantial 17% rise in office space demand from January to September 2023, reaching an impressive 809,000 sqm. Optimism prevails, with expectations that office space demand will return to pre-pandemic levels within the next two years.

In this dynamic and flourishing landscape, Manila's property takes center stage, not only as a global standout in luxury real estate but also as a symbol of resilience, growth, and astute investment. As the city's real estate market experiences a renaissance, investors and property seekers are not merely invited but encouraged to explore the unique and vibrant offerings that define Manila's position as a global player in the realm of luxury and demand-driven property.

In light of the evident uptick in property sales across Manila, a burgeoning market of agents and brokers has emerged, with notable players like Bed&Go taking center stage. Bed&Go, a prominent real estate entity, presents a myriad of high-end condominium options tailored to meet diverse lifestyle preferences. Whether you're a solo dweller, a family-oriented individual, a startup entrepreneur in search of an ideal office space, or an astute investor seeking growth potential and community impact, Bed&Go offers a comprehensive array of living solutions. With hundreds of options to choose from, each meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs, Bed&Go stands as a beacon of versatility and sophistication in the Manila real estate landscape.




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