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Manila Survival Guide: Renting with a Focus on Sustainable Living in the Heart of the Philippines

Date: December 15, 2023

Embarking on a journey to the vibrant and bustling city of Manila requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to securing a home. Whether your relocation is fueled by career opportunities, a thirst for adventure, or a desire for a change in scenery, renting in Manila presents its unique set of considerations. In this extensive guide, we will delve into key aspects of the process, with a particular focus on fostering sustainability in your new rental abode.

Traffic Troubles: A Daily Dose of Patience

  • Manila's notorious traffic is an integral aspect of daily life that can significantly impact your overall well-being. Choosing a location in proximity to essential services such as medical facilities and workplaces is crucial. To navigate the labyrinth of traffic jams, the Waze app can be your trusted ally, providing real-time updates and helping you make informed decisions about your prospective neighborhood.

Language Leverage: English as a Bridge

  • One of Manila's distinct advantages is the widespread proficiency in English, serving as a universal language that eases communication with locals and landlords alike. This linguistic advantage extends to legal matters, including rental contracts, simplifying the entire process for expatriates. Embracing this linguistic bridge can provide a substantial comfort as you settle into your new home.

Security Savvy: Navigating Safety in the Big City

  • Safety takes precedence, and Manila is no exception. Gated neighborhoods with security personnel are prevalent, but it's crucial to scrutinize the legitimacy of these security measures. Guards who diligently verify identification before granting entry prioritize safety, alleviating concerns about the intimidating appearance of fortified homes. It's essential to recognize that these measures are standard security practices rather than direct reflections of neighborhood danger.

Pet-Friendly Spaces: Securing a Spot for Your Furry Friends

  • Pets often become integral members of expat families, and negotiating pet-friendly terms with landlords is a common practice. Transparency about your pets and explicit inclusion of these terms in your rental contract are imperative. Condo buildings may have specific regulations regarding pet size and type, underscoring the importance of clarifying these details before finalizing your decision.

Renting Rules: Negotiating and Navigating Payments

  • Rental payment terms are negotiable, offering room for customization to suit your needs. Engage in open discussions with your landlord about payment options, ensuring that they are explicitly stated in the contract. While post-dated checks (PDCs) are a common practice, alternative payment methods, such as electronic transfers, can be negotiated. Paying a year in advance may provide certain benefits, but it's advisable to approach this cautiously, especially when dealing with unfamiliar landlords.

Utilities Unveiled: Managing Water, Electricity, and Internet

  • Setting up utility accounts can be a challenge, but landlords often assist in this process. Electricity costs may exceed expectations, necessitating careful budgeting. Landlords can also facilitate the establishment of internet connections, but it's crucial to inquire about existing services and test speeds if possible, given the potential variability in reliability.

Flood Facts: Navigating Rainy Seasons

  • Manila experiences two distinct seasons: rainy and hot. Due to its geographical features, flooding is a common concern, especially during the rainy season or typhoons. During property viewings, inquire about flooding concerns and seek information from local residents to gain insights into the property's susceptibility to flooding. This proactive approach will help you make an informed decision about your potential rental.

Navigating Manila's rental landscape requires careful consideration of these factors. By incorporating sustainability into your choices, you can make conscious decisions that align with your values while enjoying the vibrant life Manila has to offer. In the realm of Manila real estate, Bed&Go stands out for offering a diverse range of high-end condominiums tailored to various lifestyles. Whether you're a solo dweller, a family, an entrepreneur, or an investor, Bed&Go ensures a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Choosing a property with Bed&Go is a strategic investment, promising not just a home but a potential for growth and positive impact. The commitment to excellence from agents and brokers associated with Bed&Go ensures a seamless and quality living experience.




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