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What's in the Air: Why Indoor Air Quality is Crucial during Coronavirus Pandemic


Coronavirus swept the whole world and created a new reality for everyone and future generations. At the beginning of the year, the world is put on lockdown to try and combat the virus through quarantine. However, ever since, the numbers of positive cases and deaths are still rising, especially here in the Philippines.

In March, President Duterte put the Philippines in Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) that ceased classes, non-essential services, and business, and imposed social distancing guidelines for all. In June, the Philippines transitioned from ECQ to General Community Quarantine (GCQ), whereas the lockdown is not as strict but social distancing is still required and senior citizens and minors are still encouraged to stay indoors.

Since the threat of the Coronavirus is still there, the Philippines are still expected to quarantine their families to avoid contracting the disease, the sanitation of your home is a must. Coronavirus is an airborne disease and the transmission of the disease can occur indoors.

Despite the quarantine, there is a high chance where a person can carry the coronavirus and spread it in their home if they don’t have proper air quality. According to studies, the lack of proper ventilation puts offices and homes at risk in harboring Coronavirus. The purpose of the quarantine is to prevent the contraction of the coronavirus and with families being required to stay at home, it is important to improve air quality indoors to keep people safe.

For personal prevention, always remember to wear a mask, face shield, and always wash your hands, avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes. It’s also important to know the people who are Coronavirus positive, especially in residential buildings and offices, to conduct contract tracing and be able to do proper cl

3 Effective Ways to Improve Air Quality in your Home and Office

1. Invest in HVAC System

This is important, especially in the office with different people going in and out. Installing a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an investment so make sure to look for a suitable HVAC system that fits your needs and improves indoor air quality. According to,“In the long run, proper installation of suitable HVAC systems minimizes cost for repair, accounts for lower electricity bills, guarantees quality performance of the system, and ensures longer lifespan of the equipment.

It is also important to ensure cleaning maintenance for your HVAC system to improve the airflow or keep indoor quality.

2. Fresh Air

As crazy as it sounds in regards to quarantine, it is helpful to let fresh air inside from time to time to allow fresh air to rotate and let potential air contaminants and fumes move out of the space.

3. Keep Your Place Clean

Same as washing your hands, the most important way to keep the indoor air quality is to keep your place clean. Combined with your HVAC system, proper hygiene and sanitation is a big help in keeping your place safe against Coronavirus.


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