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Be Pandemic Free!: A Guide on Cleaning and Disinfecting your Homes

Buying and organizing your groceries, washing your laundry, and cooking meals became much harder during this pandemic. Covid-19 is a virus that can be passed on through direct contact such as touching surfaces contaminated by an infected. Hence, it is not surprising that most of our household tasks require us to be more cautious and cleaner.

Here are the best practices you can follow to keep Covid-19 away from your homes.

Cleaning Your House

Plan out cleaning routine. It should be done regularly. When cleaning, you should determine what kind of surfaces and what cleaning tools you should use. There are different types of cleaning products. To use all effectively and safely, follow their instructions and precautions. Do not combine two different cleaning products.

Dirty surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water first. Then, these surfaces should be disinfected by at least 70% content of alcohol or bleach. Natural chemicals such as vinegar are not advisable to be used. When spraying or using disinfectant, make sure that you are well ventilated.

All homes have different features. However, high-touch surfaces should always be given more attention when cleaning. High-touch surfaces include door knobs, tables, chairs, handrails, light switches, toilet, and gadgets. Gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, keyboard, mouse, etc. can be cleaned with wipes.

If someone went out, that person should remove his shoes upon entering the house. He must also wash his hands and disinfect the things he brought out with him.

Doing Laundry

Use gloves when handling dirty clothes, whether they are used outside or not. Wash clothes with detergent and water. Dry clothes completely, this process is an effective way of killing viruses. After handling dirty clothes, make sure to wash your hands.

As for the materials used such as hampers, pails, and dippers, disinfect them as well.

If you are doing your laundry outside, separation and folding of your clothes can be done at home. As much as possible, minimize your time outside. Follow the health protocols.

Preparing Food

Risk of being infected increases everytime you go outside to shop and do groceries. Great risks can also come whenever you receive deliveries. It’s really important to keep a 1 meter distance from others and disinfect hands after holding something.

For take-out and food deliveries, remove food packages and food containers. Transfer the food to a clean container or platter. Though there are no findings on the virus being transmitted through food, it is still advisable to reheat food bought outside. As for canned goods, you can use disinfectant wipes.

Always wash hands, before and after preparing your food and eating.

Our homes are our places of comfort and safety. With the Covid-19 going around, even our homes can be a house of threat. However, this can be avoided with proper disinfection and cleaning. May we all follow the protocols, instructions, and precautions set by our Health Institutions. Keep safe always!




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