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Important Rules for Renting Condominiums in Manila: 5 Essential Tips for Best Rental Transactions


Date: May 22, 2023

Navigating the real estate rental market in Manila can be a challenging endeavor, particularly for newcomers and even seasoned renters. The city's vibrant real estate scene offers various opportunities but also comes with its complexities. Whether you're looking to rent a residential property or a commercial space, understanding the local market dynamics can significantly enhance your rental experience. Here are five essential tips to help you make informed decisions and potentially secure better deals in Manila's real estate market.

1. Consider Paying Rent in Bulk for Significant Savings

  • Paying your rent in a lump sum for an extended period, such as a year, can lead to considerable savings, typically between 5-10%. This upfront payment is often attractive to landlords who might offer a discount for securing a full year’s rent in advance. If your budget allows, this strategy can be an excellent way to reduce your overall rental costs.

2. Negotiate for Additional Furnishings Upfront

  • During rental negotiations, consider requesting the inclusion of additional furniture or appliances you might need. Many landlords are open to providing extra items rather than lowering the rent. Addressing these needs at the start of your lease negotiations can ensure your new rental feels like home and may save you the hassle and expense of acquiring these items yourself.

3. Timing Your Real Estate Search Effectively

  • The ideal time to begin your search for rental real estate in Manila is about one month before your intended move-in date. Searching too early or too late can lead to missed opportunities or rushed decisions. Properties in Manila can go off the market quickly, so timing your search can help you avoid the inconvenience of finding your preferred property taken by another renter.

4. Establish Your Priorities

  • Before starting your search, list your rental priorities, such as budget constraints, desired location, pet-friendly accommodations, and availability of parking spaces. Knowing what you can and cannot compromise on allows you to make swift decisions when you find a property that meets your criteria, thus reducing the risk of losing out to other interested parties. The most desirable properties tend to be taken quickly, so a clear set of priorities can give you a competitive edge.

5. Choose Real Estate Agencies That Offer No Brokerage Fees

  • In Manila's bustling real estate market, choosing the right agency can significantly impact your rental experience and costs. A prime example is Bed&Go, a standout agency known for its favorable fee structure. Unlike many agencies, Bed&Go offers a unique advantage by not charging brokerage fees for properties with a monthly rent exceeding 30,000 pesos. This policy can result in substantial savings for renters, making Bed&Go an attractive option for those looking to minimize their expenses when securing a rental property.

  • It's a common practice in the Philippines for landlords to absorb the brokerage fees. However, it’s crucial for tenants to verify this detail before committing to a lease agreement. By choosing agencies like Bed&Go, renters can avoid unexpected costs, ensuring a more affordable and straightforward rental process. This approach not only simplifies the financial aspects of renting but also enhances transparency and trust between the agency and the client. For anyone navigating the competitive Manila real estate rental market, considering a no-fee agency like Bed&Go can make a significant difference in managing overall relocation and living expenses.

The Manila real estate rental market is dynamic and offers diverse options to suit different needs and preferences. By applying these five strategies, you can navigate the market more effectively and increase your chances of securing a rental property that fits your requirements. Always remember to conduct thorough research and consider seeking advice from real estate professionals to make the most informed decisions. Whether you're renting your first home or looking for a new commercial space, these tips can provide a solid foundation for a successful real estate rental experience in Manila.




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