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Company Profile

Company Name: Bedandgo Inc.

Address: Room 501 VGP Center, 6772 Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines 1226


TEL: 02-8256-9633

Stock registration: June 22, 2017

Representative: Masayoshi Ishibashi

Number of employees: 15

SEC Number: CS201720374

Company TIN: 009-711-775

Industry: Real Estate

Company Policy
・ We will always be sincere and build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners.

・ Provide WIN-WIN business to customers and partners.
-Providing peace of mind by supplying high-quality, high-value-added services to customers and partners.


BedandGo Inc was established in June 2017. Representative Ishibashi has been active in the real estate industry in Manila and Cebu since 2011, and has also written a book on Philippine real estate (Chapter 64 Akashi Shoten Publishing to know the Philippines) as one of the representatives of Japanese in the Philippines real estate industry.



Ishibashi Masayoshi

Our motto is honesty and trust.



Born in Tochigi in 1972.

1996 Traveled to the Philippines. Worked as editor and reporter for the daily Manila newspaper.

2003 Worked as a division manager at a Philippine factory of a major Japanese house maker.

2011 Worked as a manager at a local real estate consulting company in the Philippines.

In 2017, we established our company and became a representative.

Our Staff

There are many common sense things that are quite common in Japan but quite different in the Philippines. Late arrivals often occur in the Philippines, but BedandGo Inc considers them insane and thoroughly educates the appointment appointments to avoid sudden cancellations, late arrivals, and no reply. BedandGo Inc aims to be a company that can do the right thing.
In addition, our staff are educated to be honest and friendly to everyone. We promise that BedandGo Inc will always do our best for you. BedandGo Inc aims to be a professional group that can satisfy all customers.
However, if anything is inconvenient, please feel free to contact our representative Ishibashi.

A real estate partner you can trust

20230209_095337edited cris.jpg

Cris Labad-Labad
Accounting Staff

As an accounting staff, you need to prepare and analyze the company’s financial records. A big and risky task that requires able hands to ensure the financial capabilities of the company. Cris has a wide set of skills to handle the overall job of an Accounting staff and guarantees to  complete compile financial statements, review data and ensure financial compliance.


Louielyn Antonio
Accounting and Admin Staff

Louie is an Admin and Accounting staff member at BedandGo who started working last year. She is known for her passion and responsibility in her work. Louie consistently demonstrates her commitment to accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that the company's finances and administrative tasks are handled with the utmost care.

Property Management

Juvelyn Pecayo
PM Assistant Manager

Juve upholds what was taught to her in college; that understanding is as important as communicating with the clients and tenants. Understanding their needs and practicing time management is the key for being an effective Property Management staff. 

edited miss erah 2.jpg

Saherah S. Mariano
PM Staff

She is responsible for maintaining and preparing vacant units while keeping a good relationship with PMO’s, contractors to provide a rent-worthy to prospective tenants.  Her (4) years experience in real estate and hotel services have thought her to be more organize, detail oriented, approachable and accommodating.


Francess Lallave
PM Staff

Francess is a highly experienced Property Management staff member. After taking time off to start a family, she has recently returned to the company. Francess brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, having worked in the field for several years. Her in-depth understanding make her a valuable asset to the property management team. 


Leslie San Pedro
PM Staff


Alvin Mecena
PM Staff

Alvin Mecena is a driven Property Management staff member who joined the team last year. He has shown great enthusiasm and determination in his work, delivering results beyond expectations. Alvin is known for his strong work ethic, passion for property management, and commitment to tenant satisfaction. He is proactive in finding solutions and always goes the extra mile. His dedication and passion have made him a valuable asset to the team and a role model for others.

Leslie San Pedro is a talented and hardworking Property Management Staff member. She assists with unit concerns, repairs, and replacements, providing exceptional customer service. Despite her youth, Leslie has a mature work ethic and a level of professionalism that rivals those with more experience. Her ability to handle challenging situations with ease and her passion for her work make her a promising addition to the team.


Raciel Gonzales
Cleaning Staff

Raciel is a hard-working individual and committed to provide a clean living space for all the clients. Make sure all the furniture is in place, the proper beddings are clean and ready are some of her to give clients quality service. She is also an all-around employee, ready to take on any task. 


Lilia Tan
Cleaning Staff

Lilia is a flexible and hard-working woman, committed to provide quality service for all. She makes sure the units are clean for clients and makes sure all the equipment and electrical appliances are safe. She can handle any tasks given to her and is quick in problem solving.  


Jennylyn Torres
Sales Leasing Team Leader

Jen's previous job as an admin assistant kicked off her world in real estate. Being a sales staff, she learned the importance of building a rapport with clients and earning their trust. She also provides relevant information and fair prices based on the market price of the properties that would be beneficial to both clients and the unit owners.


Augusmeft D. Gantala
Sales Staff

Dimples always try to make sure that customers can move in smoothly and with a peace of mind. As a sales agent, Dimples always has empathy and makes sure to know how the client feels. She has the ability to listen and is very keen to work with cleaning staff to provide a clean room. Remember, a good salesperson needs to satisfy the needs of the client.


Anneth De Leon
Sales Staff

Anneth is a talented Leasing Staff member with experience in property management. She is known for her ability to build rapport with customers and her engaging personality, making her an asset in customer relations. Anneth is hardworking, with a strong work ethic, and a commitment to completing tasks on time. Her experience and good nature make her a valuable member of the leasing team.


Maureen Bautista
Sales Buy&Sell Team Leader

Mau is a seasoned sales staff member, one of the longest-serving in the company. She has a gutsy personality, but her loving nature and trustworthy character make her well-liked by customers. Customers trust her advice and appreciate her friendly, approachable manner.


Cheiadel Marasigan
Sales Staff

Cheia is a type of salesperson that will ensure the tenant's leasing contentment with a smile. From property management staff to sales staff in the company, the experiences she learned gave her a huge advantage to secure the good condition of each unit. From the very start of the leasing term to the end of the contract, our team is willing and happy to assist the tenant's needs.


Rhona- Rita M. Udtujan
Marketing Team Leader

Rhona Udtujan is a talented Marketing Staff Team Leader with innovative ideas and extensive knowledge in her field. She excels at writing web content and blogs and has a proven track record of increasing sales and deals during her time with the company. Rhona is determined to raise the company's brand awareness and reach. Her expertise make her a valuable asset to the team. With her passion for marketing and commitment to results, Rhona promises to drive the company's success and growth.

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