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Company Name: Bedandgo Inc.

Telephone No: 02-8256-9633

Stock registration: June 22, 2017

Representative: Masayoshi Ishibashi

Number of employees: 20 employees

SEC Number: CS201720374

Company TIN: 009-711-775

Industry: Real Estate

Address: Room 501 VGP Center, Legaspi Village, Ayala Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines 1226

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We will always be sincere and build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners.

Provide WIN-WIN business to customers and partners.

Providing peace of mind by supplying high-quality, high-value-added services to customers and partners.

Ishibashi Masayoshi

Our motto is honesty and trust.

Representative Ishibashi has been active in the real estate industry in Manila and Cebu since 2011, and has also written a book on Philippine real estate (Chapter 64 Akashi Shoten Publishing to know the Philippines) as one of the representatives of Japanese in the Philippines real estate industry.


Born in Tochigi in 1972

1996 : Traveled to the Philippines. Worked as editor and reporter for the daily Manila newspaper.

​2003 : Worked as a division manager at a Philippine factory of a major Japanese house maker

2011 : Worked as a manager at a local real estate consulting company in the Philippines.

In 2017, we established our company and became a representative.


The employees at BedandGo Real Estate Inc. are a dedicated and knowledgeable team, committed to providing exceptional service in the real estate industry. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, they bring a wealth of experience to help clients navigate the market with confidence. Known for their professionalism, excellent communication skills, and customer-centric approach, the employees of BedandGo Real Estate Inc. go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and deliver outstanding results. With their passion for real estate and commitment to excellence, they make every transaction a positive and successful experience.





Cris Labad-labad

Cris is an accomplished accounting manager skilled in preparing, analyzing, and ensuring financial compliance. With expertise in compiling financial statements and reviewing data, Cris efficiently handles the essential responsibilities of an Accounting staff to safeguard the company's financial capabilities.



Leslie San Pedro

Leslie is a skilled and diligent team member who has transitioned from Property Management to Admin staff to enhance her skills in customer service and administrative management.




Rachelle dela Cruz

Rache is an accomplished Human Resources Manager with experience in fostering employee engagement, implementing effective talent management strategies, and driving organizational success. She is passionate about creating a positive work culture that encourages professional growth and productivity. Rache's expertise in recruitment, training, and policy implementation makes her a valuable asset to any company.



Louie Lyn Antonio

Louie, an Admin and Accounting staff member at BedandGo, joined the company in 2022. Known for her unwavering dedication and accountability, Louie excels in delivering precise and efficient financial and administrative services. Her commitment to accuracy ensures the meticulous handling of the company's finances and administrative tasks.

SIR A.png


John Adrian Cuaton

Adrian, the Property Management Manager, is dedicated to building trust and delivering excellent service. With a customer-centric approach, he ensures client satisfaction and fosters lasting relationships. His attention to detail and proactive problem-solving skills demonstrate her commitment to excellence, making him an invaluable asset in property management.

MS SHA.png


Shahani Lyn Cada

Sha is a valuable member of the property management staff with a focus on Airbnb services. They excel in optimizing property listings, coordinating check-ins and check-outs, and maintaining high cleanliness standards. Sha's dedication to creating memorable Airbnb experiences is evident through their proactive approach and personalized guest services.



Alvin Mecena

Alvin, a motivated Property Management staff member, joined our team last year and consistently exceeds expectations. With an unwavering work ethic and genuine passion for property management, he prioritizes tenant satisfaction. Alvin's proactive problem-solving skills and innovative approach set him apart as an invaluable asset and commendable role model for his peers.




Jennylyn Torres

Leasing Team Leader

Jen started as an admin assistant and transitioned into real estate sales. She values strong client relationships and trust-building. With transparency and fairness, Jen provides relevant information and equitable pricing based on market trends, benefiting both clients and property owners.



Augusmeft Gantala

Leasing Associate

Dimples ensures a seamless moving experience, showing empathy and addressing client concerns as a dedicated sales agent. With exceptional listening skills, she collaborates closely with the cleaning staff to provide immaculate living spaces. Going above and beyond, Dimples exceeds expectations and proves herself as a proficient salesperson.



Janeth Rose de Leon

Leasing Associate

Anneth, a skilled Leasing Staff member, has a commendable background in property management. Known for establishing meaningful customer connections and her engaging personality, she excels in customer relations. With unwavering dedication and a strong work ethic, Anneth completes tasks promptly. Her extensive experience and friendly nature make her an indispensable member of the leasing team.



Ma. Dolores Mugar

Leasing Associate

Maggie, an extraordinary sales staff member, dedicates herself to her clients. With a genuine passion for exceeding expectations, she goes the extra mile to provide exceptional experiences. Maggie's attention to detail and understanding of client needs result in personalized solutions that surpass expectations. Her dedication to outstanding service and client satisfaction sets her apart as a remarkable asset to our team.



Alleen Ruth Romanillos

Sales Associate

Alleen, a dedicated sales staff member, ensures seamless transactions and client satisfaction. With unwavering commitment, she delivers exceptional service and delightful experiences. Alleen's attention to detail and strong work ethic consistently exceed client expectations. Her dedication to a seamless transaction process and client satisfaction makes her an invaluable asset to our team.



Psyche Sylph Gomez

Sales Associate

Psyche is a seasoned professional in sales management, bringing a wealth of expertise from the hospitality industry. With a background in hospitality management, Psyche understands the intricacies of customer service and the importance of client satisfaction. Their extensive experience allows them to excel in sales, combining industry knowledge with a customer-focused approach. Psyche's dedication to fostering strong client relationships and driving sales growth makes them a valuable asset to our team.




Raciel Barile

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

Raciel is a diligent and dedicated professional who prioritizes providing a pristine living environment for all clients. From ensuring proper furniture placement to maintaining clean and ready bedding, Raciel consistently delivers high-quality service. Known for her versatility, she readily takes on various tasks, demonstrating an all-around commitment to excellence in her role.



Lilia Tan

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

Lilia is a highly adaptable and diligent professional committed to delivering top-notch service. With meticulous attention to cleanliness and safety, she ensures the quality of units and equipment. Lilia's exceptional versatility and problem-solving skills enable her to handle any task efficiently. Her swift and effective approach to challenges reflects her dedication to exemplary service.



Amor Duran

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

Amor is a skilled and dedicated professional who excels at creating a pristine living environment for all clients. From expertly arranging furniture to ensuring spotless and well-prepared bedding, Amor delivers top-tier service. Her versatility shines as she seamlessly tackles various tasks, demonstrating an unwavering excellence in her duty.



Cinderella Iglopas

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

Cindy is an exceptional individual with a strong focus on cleaning and maintaining. Her fast and accurate work style ensures that all tasks are completed with precision and efficiency. Cindy is known for her ability to deliver well-assisted cleaning and maintenance services, exceeding expectations at every turn.



Erwin Bonete


Erwin is a skilled and reliable chauffeur with a strong commitment to providing exceptional service at BedandGo Real Estate. With a keen eye for detail and a customer-centric approach, he ensures clients experience a comfortable and luxurious journey to their destinations. Erwin's professionalism and courteous demeanor make him an integral part of the BedandGo team.



Ellyser Villagracia


Boyet is a dedicated and experienced chauffeur at BedandGo Real Estate, known for his impeccable driving skills and unwavering commitment to passenger safety and comfort. With a friendly and approachable personality, he ensures that clients feel at ease during their travels, making every trip a pleasant and memorable experience. Boyet's passion for his role and his deep knowledge of the city's routes make him an invaluable asset to the BedandGo team.


ENG(Smart): (+63) 949 8179 455

ENG(Globe): (+63) 977 284 8173

TEL: (02) 8256 9633



Room 501 VGP Center, 6772 Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines 1226

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