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Property Buy & Sell: Purchase

Property Purchase

We always keep in mind that we can introduce only those properties that have a return on investment based on actual performance to our clients who are investing. We will select based on location and assumed yield.

For the purpose of housing, Ishibashi, a representative, will propose a housing that fits your ideal life based on many years of experience. Let's introduce the best home for you based on your location and family structure.

In the meantime, Bed & Go can also be used by customers who purchase for real estate investment and want to use it several times a year.

In each case, we listen to the customer's request in detail, consult with us, and carefully select and introduce the property that is below the market price according to the customer's intention.

We also accept interior and management after purchase. Bed & Go is a real estate one-stop shop.

Property Buy & Sell: Sale

Property Sale

Are you planning to sell your real estate? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, our network allows you to find your buyer in the shortest possible time. 

Not only Japanese buyers, Bed & Go makes use of local networks to sell and market to a wide range of people such as local Filipino buyers and foreign buyers other than Japanese, so we introduce our customers to many buyers I can do it. We aim to sell quickly and securely according to the customer's request. We will visit the property and consult with you to maximize the value of your important real estate, and give advice on the appeal points of the real estate. In addition, we will discuss the selling price after investigating the market price. Especially for customers who are in a hurry, a Bed & Go person who is rooted in the local area will search buyers as soon as possible after making an accurate assessment. 

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