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Are you a landlord/owner of rental property looking for good tenants?

Bed and Go is your reliable and strong partner for quickly finding tenants!

Landlords may seek assistance to find tenants for a variety of reasons. Here are three common situations:


1. Limited Time or Availability:
   - A landlord who has a full-time job or other time-consuming commitments may not have the availability to market the property effectively, conduct viewings, screen potential tenants, and handle paperwork.

2. Lack of Local Market Knowledge:
   - Landlords who are new to the rental market or who own property in an area where they do not reside may not have detailed knowledge of the local real estate market. This includes understanding competitive rental prices, local demand, and marketing channels.

3. Desire for Professional Tenant Screening:
   - Finding the right tenant is crucial for a landlord’s peace of mind and the property’s profitability. However, thorough tenant screening requires access to certain databases, knowledge of fair housing laws, and the ability to conduct background checks effectively.


Modern Townhouses


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  • Broad Reach: 

    • We introduce quality tenants early on with our unique customer acquisition method tailored to your property.

  • Customer-first Principle: 

    • We consult with you individually to match your rental needs and propose the best method.

  • Market Expertise: 

    • Based on years of local market experience and the latest information, we suggest the optimal price.

  • Ethical Standards:

    • Bed and Go always ensures clear accounting, emphasizing transparency and fair transactions.

  • One-stop Shop:

    • We can act on behalf of the owner for all services, including all payments, repairs, renovations, and air conditioning cleaning, responsibly managed by us.


A Haven for Expats in Cebu

Sarah, an expat from Canada, purchased a condo in Cebu with the dream of turning it into a haven for fellow expatriates. However, managing a rental business from afar proved more daunting than she anticipated. That's when she discovered BedandGo Inc. With their expertise, the condo was quickly tailored to meet the needs and comforts of expats, featuring fully furnished rooms, high-speed internet, and a guide to local living. BedandGo Inc.'s marketing strategies attracted a steady stream of tenants, and their management services ensured tenants were well-cared for. Sarah's dream was realized, and her condo became a beloved home away from home for many, thanks to the seamless support and understanding from BedandGo Inc.


The Overseas Filipino Workers Investment Dream

Joel, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai, dreamt of investing in a condominium unit in Cebu as a way to secure his family's future. However, being thousands of miles away made it seem impossible. That was until he discovered BedandGo Inc. through a friend's recommendation. With their comprehensive property management services, they not only helped Joel find the perfect investment property but also took care of all the legwork involved in managing it. They found reliable tenants, ensuring a steady income flow for Joel's family back home. He was amazed by the seamless communication and the transparency of the transactions. BedandGo Inc. turned his dream investment into a reality, giving him peace of mind while working abroad.



1. Please contact us immediately by clicking the "Inquire Now" button.

2. Kindly provide us with the following information:

1) Condominium name, 2) Location, 3) Size, 4) Layout, 5) Availability of parking.

3. Await an email from the Bed and Go team. If it's during business hours, we aim to respond as promptly as possible, ideally on the same day. Following that, we hope to further discuss the details in an online meeting.​




  • For a one-year rental, the fee is one month's rent.

  • For a six-month rental, the fee is half a month's rent.


Same with Renewal.

Enjoy one month of complimentary property management services if you applied.


1. Lease Term:

  • Owners can choose between a one-year or six-month rental period. Management of short-term rentals (Airbnb) is also possible depending on the property


2. Rent Setting:

  • Owners can set the rent according to the market price and property value. We conduct thorough market research to determine competitive rent and provide market price information for free.

3. Security Deposit:

  • Owners are required to ask tenants for a deposit equivalent to two months' rent. This deposit serves as protection against damages to the property beyond normal wear and tear and for settling unpaid utility bills at the end of the lease.


4. Utilities and Maintenance:

  • Generally, rent includes common charges and property tax, but not utilities such as water, electricity, gas, internet, and cable TV. Tenants are responsible for these costs as specified in the contract.

  • Repair and maintenance responsibilities are clearly defined in the contract, specifying whether the owner or tenant is responsible


5. Rental Agreement:

  • Please refer to our rental contract for occupancy conditions and regulations. The contract will detail the rental period, rent amount, payment due dates, penalties for late payment, and restrictions or rules regarding the use of the property


6. Legal Compliance:

  • All operations are conducted in compliance with Philippine rental laws, condominium rules and regulations, and tenants' rights. Our rental contracts are also reviewed by our legal advisors for compliance.

7. Communication and Documentation:

  • We maintain open communication with tenants and swiftly resolve any concerns or issues. For legal and accounting purposes, we keep detailed records of all communications, lease agreements, payments, and property inspections


By following these conditions, owners can reduce risks and ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the owner and the tenant, effectively renting out their unit.

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