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Condo Renovations Ideas: How To Make Your Unit Look Better?

When hearing about renovation, we often think to ourselves that it involves spending huge sums of money and that is correct, for a job that often results in a satisfying makeover, it does involve expending a lot of funds. Hiring an interior designer alone to do the job can already cost you a lot and that’s nothing compared to the incoming furniture and décor that’s about to tear your pockets in half. Renovating your home may be a great thing but the price isn't very friendly.

Fear not, because in this article we are about to show you, not just ways on how to renovate your home by yourself while watching out for your budget, but secrets and tips scoured from across the internet.

Let’s take a closer look at how to redecorate your property into a residence that, until now, you thought can only be done by a licensed professional.

Create Space, Clean up

To start off your home makeover, completely clean the whole lot. Push the furniture out of the area, take out the brooms and the vacuum cleaner, roll out the carpets. Clean up everything that’s in your apartment completely.

This step allows you to have time and space to picture the unit the way you want it to be transformed into.

Ask yourself, where do you want the furniture to go? Is there anything you want to add in a particular space? Do you want to hang something on a wall that you think might look good?

In addition to this, cleaning up can give you time to think about items that no longer serve any purpose whatsoever in your household and dispose of them.

Remember, while visualizing the transformation that you want for your home, it is vital that you take your time and list down all the changes that you want to be done. You can take a pen and paper to write or draw things. The way this whole renovation works is that it takes time, so don’t rush yourself as this may be the first time you’ve done this task.

Pick a Mood

When you visit a house, you almost always subconsciously compare it to your own. You ask yourself, “what do I feel about this house?”. There are emotions involved, controlled by the numerous things that are present inside the residence.

Picking a mood or an atmosphere for a home reflects the person that you portray as yourself. For a condo unit, it is portrayed by the walls, the lights, the flooring, how the furniture is rearranged.

If you think the walls need changing, paint them into something that suits the floor. Don’t be scared to commit major changes, changing the walls are one of the most satisfying tasks in renovating a condo if you do it right. ‘Trial and error’ comes with the job, if it flops then try a new one or if you just want to play it safe, add some curtains around the windows to make it look like the curtains and the walls blend together perfectly.

Be careful though, choosing a mood doesn’t necessarily mean creating a theme. Creating a theme is an entirely different scenario, this means limiting your resources into things that only fit in said theme.

Try Different Techniques, Locations, Positions

After drawing out the changes that you desire for your newly refurbished unit, try relocating the furniture from its previous placements.

One rule in renovation is to never be afraid to try things that are new to you, as long as it doesn’t result in a hazardous incident. Did you always want that sofa beside the window to feel the warmth of the rising sun or the first breeze of the new season? Or has that picture frame been out of place all this time?

The outline of this step is to experiment on different ideas on your properties. It not only paves way in the purpose of discovering a more pleasantly looking place for your furniture but having something different to look at every once in a while is good for your mental health.

Take Out the Old Stuff

Open up the boxes and containers, bring out the old stuff that you used to display. There must be something from your previous residences that you have hidden in boxes or drawers, try taking them out and fitting them in your renovation.

Figurines, artworks, magazines, and books can all be displayed around the unit. Create a considerable space for display, maybe above drawers or try attaching display boards on your walls.

Did you use to paint? Ever made songs before? Get them into frames and use them to redecorate your walls. Let these achievements fill your house, this gives you the opportunity to tell everyone that you are proud of what you have done without actually saying it. Aside from that, these artworks can serve as better replacements for more famous paintings like the starry night and the likes, because it almost doesn’t cost anything out of you.

Look for Inspiration Ideas

Ideas for creating DIY projects in addition to your plans in renovating your condo is a great way of saving your budget. While some people come up with artistic experimental ideas, it is probably safe to scour publications regarding home decorations and renovations to avoid unnecessary waste of time and resources.

Recent advances in modern technology have enabled people to conveniently look for applications regarding certain topics to aid them in their projects, in this case, refurbishing your place. Search for apps online regarding thrift ideas that may help in completing your condo’s final look. In addition to that, try subscribing to pages and channels that specialize in posting artistic ideas that you might find attractive for your home.

While it is true that the internet provides limitless information concerning almost everything that a person wishes to know, it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit more informed. Try looking out for magazines or written publications about DIY décor ideas that suit your lifestyle. Whether you like something subtle or expressive, expensive or cheap, there probably is something for you that’s published.

Always Visit Thrift Shops

Aside from relying on thrift ideas in magazines and the internet while on a budget, hit the local thrift stores. These stores get their inventory from former businesses, estate sales, donations, and more, so it is always a pleasing feeling to find something of value.

Sometimes, it is good to have great relations with people around you. Inquire with the thrift shop personnel about which day of the week when fresh items are being placed out so you can be the first one to browse the newly shipped inventory.

Here are some items that you could keep an eye out for in thrift stores:

  • Lamps

  • Picture Frames

  • Mirrors

  • Figurines

  • Trays

  • Vases

  • Pitchers

  • Books

  • Coffee Tables

  • Table Linens

  • Old Rugs

  • Desks

  • Wreaths

Additionally, local garage sales and secondhand sellers of items are always present for replacement.


Believe it or not, mirrors are actually more important than what you think they seem to be, they offer multiple benefits to a person’s life. Not only do mirrors provide you a better look at yourself, introducing these reflectors in your décor create what interior design experts believe is an illusion of space, it can bring out the best qualities of a room if placed properly.

When used intelligently, mirrors can create a huge impact in rebuilding your condo as if it was a larger place. Some believe that hanging at least one mirror in each room can have a positive result in your renovation plans. So go ahead and shop for mirrors in different shapes and sizes to place in different rooms. Bigger rooms benefit better from bigger and bolder mirrors and smaller rooms can be incorporated by more adorable mirrors.

Colors and Patterns Involved

Earlier, we said that interior design involves having a small, if not great, eye for being artsy because truthfully, it’s not enough to throw in whatever kind of furniture you find individually appealing to the eye. Everything has to blend in and create a balance of big and small, dark and light, subtle and obvious, or else your home would result in looking like an 8-year-old owned the place.

Colors and patterns are elements that require balance in order to achieve a satisfying look that is appealing to you and your visitors if you would ever have some. Both of these elements apply to furniture that are easily noticed, like for instance, the drawers, couches, walls, the floor, even the lights.

According to experts, it is recommended to stick to three colors in order to achieve a more pleasing appearance for your condo. You can try using different shades, as long as it sticks with the colors of your choice. Patterns on the other hand, create the small details in your place. They are like structures that give personalities to your work. Picture frames often possess patterns, throw pillows or cushions that have patterns on their covers, the carpet design, tablecloths, porcelains and dishware.

In Some Rooms, Less is More

If you ever heard the saying ‘less is more’, then you probably know what this section means but allow us to elaborate. Some rooms like the living room, bedrooms, require attention in order to project yourself in these rooms but some rooms in your home like the kitchen and the bathroom are unlike the ones mentioned before.

These rooms are pitstops for the purpose of what they are built for. In other words, they are only visited for the very purpose they are created. The kitchen can stand on its own by just refurbishing the walls, cupboards, and the lighting, and it would already look good. Same goes for your bathroom, just hang a considerable number of necessities and accessories and you're good to go.

It doesn't have to look like it's been given much attention, sometimes having that bold appearance can speak volumes for itself.

Make it a Hobby

The secret about renovation is that anyone can do it, with enough dedication, time, and a bit of an artistic eye, revamping a unit can become an uncomplicated task.

Renovating your condo is probably not going to be a one-time thing, especially when you do it yourself. Renovation is a continuous change until you feel like you’ve achieved the best form that your unit can be. Browsing for items in thrift shops, collecting ideas in publications, these activities are done whenever there is time and energy to spare, in other words, a hobby.

If for some reason that revamping your home becomes a tiring task, then take a break from it. It is your home after all, you can do whatever you like, you’re only redecorating so it can help your well-being socially and mentally. Always keep in mind that renovating is supposed to keep you from being stressed and create space for your mind and surroundings, don’t let it defeat the purpose it was made to be.

Trial and Error

The best thing about hobbies is that you are never wrong about doing something that involves said hobby. You can take as much time as you want in redecorating your home however you want it to be. Having to experiment on things to add in your condo might only be laborious but you can never be wrong about the decisions you hold to it.

Sure, you might not like what you did when you first repainted the wall, but you did what you initially thought you liked and that’s what matters. Replace it again, it’s not as if you have to immediately show it off to someone. The bottom line is to try to enjoy redecorating your unit however you deem it fit.

Now that you have a great idea of how to successfully use these interior design tips to your condo unit while keeping an eye on your budget, it is time to apply these guidelines that we have provided for you into action. You can explore different styles that capture the personality that you wish to portray to your liking.



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