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Fur Parenting: How to be a Good Parent for Your Pets?

When a person starts to decide on owning or caring for a pet, it is also a start of having a big responsibility ahead. It will take someone's time, money and a reason to handle something that he/she cannot say a no with. As everyone had already read from a book or heard from a friend that "Animals are stress-relievers and a man's best friend", many people have been justifying that it is true. As time goes by, people appreciate having a companion of a pet that it becomes a normal and enjoyable thing to do.

What Does a Pet Mean to Someone?

When someone owns a pet whether it is a cat, dog, bird, fish etc., their life would never be the same. It would be an adventure of happiness and maybe stress because of the responsibility it may bring. Having a pet is a choice that when someone chose to have it, for sure it has a significant reason why they had to care or adopt them. The owner will surely experience a great impact in life where they can fully adapt to good parenting toward the pet. A pet can improve someone's way of living in a way that:

  • A pet can be a help to reduce someone's stress level.

  • By having a pet, someone can improve their social life.

  • Love can be found in pets!

  • Help unwind owners after a long work.

  • Can make someone feel secure, especially dogs.

People can entirely be another person when it comes to having a pet. It is a usual thing to own or adopt them at home, but the thing is what can be its difference between owning them in homes than in a condo. Would it be different having them at home and at a condo?

Condo and Pets

Condo and pets can be contradicting elements. Since pets can be high maintenance, it requires a lot of effort to take care of and a lot of matter to deal with in the future. That is why properties like condos can be a bit strict regarding this issue. They promote and enforce strict guidelines and rules that will consider everyone’s comfortability and to give a good living environment for the residents. The management or the admin of the property should also consider the favorable feedback of their residents. It is whether someone can bring it to a condo or cannot be at all. Would it take just specific restrictions or can it be prohibited at all? In this matter, It can be dependable towards the following factors:

  • If the condominium's structure is made out of wood constructions or those materials that are considerable of making easy noises from one floor or one wall to another neighbor.

  • May considers residents that are sensitive towards noise, allergic to furs or any allergies related to pets and those who are just not really considering a pet in their environment.

  • A legal rule of the condo management itself.

In the Philippines, there are condos which are required not to bring any pets on the place but there are actually pet-friendly and accommodating condos where owners can bring and stay along with their pets. Manila condos, especially, can be a bit strict towards the issue. Big and known properties may have stricter rules and regulations towards having a pet in a condo. The management of condominiums do consider a lot of scope to the decision if they would allow pets or not. The PAWS or the Philippine Animal Welfare Society have stated that the owners can take good care of their pets and have it with them in a condo in a way that they can consider having an appeal towards the condo management. There can be a written list by the owner of guidelines that is signed by them of what they should do about having pets in a condo. With the written appeal, the following statement can be included:

  • The specific amount of pets the owner will bring at the condo.

  • Considering pets to be spayed/neutered.

  • Specific places where pets can go.

  • Shouldering any damages or accidents that the pet may cause.

  • Sanitation should be one of the priorities, always check the pee/poo of pets where residents can encounter a mess.

Always remember that this is a proposal that anytime, admins or management of the condo may find it not acceptable at all. They have the right to decline it since what matters for them is the safety and comfortability of the residents. There might be a strict compliance which an owner of a pet considers finding other condominiums that offers a pet-friendly environment and accepts pets. On the other hand, there are condos who consider having a pet in units but with specific rules and regulations with them. It is always considered that having a pet in condos should bring comfortability and peace towards all the residents. Since one of the important matters in condos is its design and landscape elements, it is also one of the matters that management thinks about when residents consider having a pet in their unit. It is true that it may cause damages and what condominiums think about it is the expenses of maintaining it and fixing it. The management would settle a lot of restrictions towards it but maybe favorable to the owners because they can still have their pet and just need to obey some rules.

Aside from prioritizing the condominium's demand towards pets, as an owner it should also be a priority that pets are comfortable at any places like condos. Since it is a public property where everyone can access, pets can be stressed towards it. Animals or pets in a condo should always be under the strict supervision of the owner. It is the owner's duty to know and protect the pets for both parties' benefit-- the owner and the other residents. As time goes by, it is noticeable that more buildings are becoming more pet-friendly and it is good to see! How can someone care for their pets? To what extent can an owner give for the needs of their pets?

If you're looking for condominiums allowing pets, these are perfect for you:

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  • One Uptown

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  • Acqua Private Residences

Tips on Caring Your Pet

Being responsible to a pet as a pet owner is a must. Since it is the owner’s choice to have them, they should know the responsibilities it may bring.

Taking care of a pet is just like taking care of oneself. Everyone knows that pets depend on their owners' parenting. They have a wide range of needs that should be taken care of. Here are some of the tips on how owners can truly care for their pets.

  1. Select a proper and safe place for pets. Every pet is unique in a way that they have different kinds of needs. There are pets who need much larger space or there are some that require an average space for them. There are also pets that need a specific ambiance for themselves. There are pets who need cages and some are not. Hot and cold temperatures of surroundings should also be considered.

  2. Pets are much not aware of their surroundings. Owners should take care of things that may hurt their own pets. Always be careful of sharp objects, toxic materials, exposed cords or anything that is harmful that they might swallow. Since it is natural for them to be curious towards their surroundings, it is better to put away the said things in advance.

  3. Consider submitting registration or identification forms for the pets. This will easily identify the owner’s pet in case it might get lost. An owner can consider engraving their contact information and the name of the pet on a piece of metal and make it as a collar.

  4. Taking the pet to a trusted veterinarian for its hygiene maintenance and health problems. Everyone knows that self treatment would be a cheaper way of treating pets but pets are not like humans. They should be treated to those who are practiced on treating animals. They are the best people who know and can treat any related services for pets. With that there will no

  5. Feeding pets the way they should be. They have different kinds of food that they eat, food that is intended for different types of animals. It can be pellets, feed, wet and canned foods and also can be a table food depending on the animals nature to eat.

  6. Pets also need clean water at all times. Like humans, they should be hydrated so that any health related problems or dehydration can be prevented. Always have a clean bowl of water any place they are familiar with or most efficient is beside where their food is also.

  7. Some animals require a very timely bath. It can be every month or every other month depending on how dirty the pet is. There are pets like cats that can self clean themselves so it is not a big deal to take care of them when it comes to bathing them. This comes with grooming and trimming them, like those animals that need maintenance towards their fur and nails.

  8. Showing pets the love and care that they need so it would make a great bond for them. They would feel the way they communicate towards their owners, they tend to be more affectionate and behave towards who they feel comfortable with.

These are some of the hundred ways on how a pet owner can care for their own pet. It is always a must to be responsible for them and treat them with the utmost love that everyone can have for them. To treat them what they deserve and feel that they are appreciated as a companion.

Benefits of Having a Pet and Why You Need to Consider Having Them?

Pets can bring happiness towards owners without them noticing. The bond between the owner and the pet can be something significant and can be cherished for a long time. They can be dependable towards each other. They have benefits towards each other. In that way, what can be the benefits or advantages of pets and why owners are too fond of them?

  • Pets can make their owners feel safe, especially dogs. Dogs have this trait of protecting their owners whenever they feel that they are in danger or in an uncomfortable situation.

  • Pets can provide companionship. It is evident towards people who are most of the time alone or those who are independently living. It is believed pets can provide a stable relationship thus making someone feel more dependable towards them.

  • Pets can reduce the level of stress of a person. Life is hard and things cannot be expected to go on smoothly. Pets are care-free and can help you relax. There are even proven studies where the level of stress loneliness is reduced because of their pets.

  • Pets can find their owners an instant friend! It is good if there is someone that owners can talk to about what they like the most about their pets. With that, owners can probably find people who have the same interests as them, which is having and taking care of a pet.

  • Having a pet can reduce someone’s immune system. Pet can make its owner more lively and physically active. By jogging with them every morning or even just training them with specific tricks.

  • Pet parents might not notice, but pets can practice the trait of them being responsible. It is the fact that owners can be a lot more responsible towards what their pets need can also be applied in real life.

Overall, pets are indeed a great companion of humans. They give positive impact to social, mental and physical aspects of a person. They make their owner's life be more organized, having unplanned expenses and to have them in their daily routine of living. As an owner, it is good to look for all the factors that consider their pet. At the end of the day, they can become dependable to which extent into greater responsibilities and good relationships.



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