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How Can Expatriate Families Thrive in Manila's Rental Scene? A Guide to Condo Lifestyle in Manila Real Estate

Date: April 18, 2024

Are you thinking about moving your family to Manila, the lively capital of the Philippines? With its dynamic economy, rich cultural scene, and abundant opportunities, Manila is a prime destination for expat families in search of a fresh start. Yet, selecting the perfect home in this busy city can be overwhelming for newcomers. We've put together an extensive guide to the best residential spots for expat families in Manila, focusing on the popular choice of condo living in areas like Eastwood City, Century City, Rockwell Center, and Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Understanding the Rental Market

  • Manila provides a diverse array of rental options, from compact studio apartments to spacious condos. The rental market in Manila varies based on several factors including location, the amenities provided, and the proximity to essential facilities. When looking for a place to rent, it's important to consider average rental prices, which can differ significantly from one neighborhood to another. For instance, upscale areas like Makati and BGC command higher rental rates, with the cost for a studio apartment in Makati typically ranging from 35,000 to 130,000 pesos per month.

  • In contrast, other neighborhoods might offer more affordable options. Rental agreements are generally for one year and can be renewed. Renters should expect to pay a deposit equivalent to two months' rent and must provide valid identification along with visa documentation. Expats have a variety of housing options to choose from, ranging from partially to fully furnished condos. These accommodations often include amenities such as pools, gyms, and event spaces, ensuring a convenient and comfortable living experience.

Property Ownership for Expats

  • While many expats prefer renting, some view buying property in Manila as a viable long-term investment. It's important to note that foreign nationals are restricted from owning land, but they are allowed to purchase condominiums and townhouses, provided that foreigners do not constitute more than 40% of the owners in the building. Additionally, expats must hold a valid visa and comply with local property ownership regulations. It is highly recommended that expats seek legal advice and conduct a thorough investigation prior to any property purchase, to ensure all legal considerations are meticulously addressed.

Ensuring Safety and Security

  • Safety is crucial for expat families in Manila. Most housing developments provide round-the-clock security and surveillance systems. Expats should also practice general safety measures like securing doors and windows and choosing safer neighborhoods.

Discovering Manila's Diverse Neighborhoods

Manila is a vast city divided into 16 districts, each with its own distinct flavor and facilities. From the historic sites of Intramuros to the lively Quezon City, there's a neighborhood for every taste and lifestyle. For expat families looking for modern conveniences and a secure setting, certain areas are particularly appealing:

- Makati City: Manila's business core with dynamic urban life, near top schools and leisure spots. Features Forbes Park, an elite area with luxury homes.

- Bonifacio Global City (BGC): A planned urban area in Taguig City, known for its international ambiance and premium facilities. Popular among expats for its schools, malls, and vibrant lifestyle.

- Ortigas Center: Located across Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City, it offers excellent transport and housing diversity. Ideal for expats valuing central location and connectivity.

- Alabang: A quieter, suburban area in southern Metro Manila offering affordable housing near amenities. Suitable for families seeking a budget-friendly, peaceful setting.

- Quezon City: Metro Manila's largest city, offering diverse residences, shopping, and entertainment. Attracts expat families with its strategic location and lively atmosphere.

Moving to Manila offers expat families the chance to experience a unique and vibrant lifestyle in the city center through condo living. By researching neighborhoods, understanding the rental market, and navigating local property laws, expat families can make well-informed choices and thoroughly enjoy their Manila adventure. Whether you're drawn to the city's energy or the calm of suburban areas, Manila has much to offer every expat family.




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