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Pasko na Naman!: Best Home Decors this Christmas

As the lyrics say, “It's the most wonderful time of the year…”. Christmas 2021 is just a few weeks away! Have you started decorating your house with the tallest and most colorful Christmas tree? How about the lanterns and Christmas lights? Are they already installed in the most beautiful spot in the house? Have you listed all the stuff you want on the Christmas wish list? Is your budget ready to buy gifts for your loved ones? Have you planned how you are going to spend this year's holidays with the family? Because of the present situation, Christmas wouldn’t be as fun and exciting as it was years ago when the Covid-19 virus has not yet invaded the world. The decision is in our hands now on how we are going to celebrate this special occasion as memorable as possible.

We, Filipinos, are naturally creative in our own ways. We do not want something plain; we like everything to be extra and unique every time we do or make something. As a matter of fact, we love decorating and making things more colorful than the original. It is somehow our way of expressing our positivity and cheerfulness in life. As many countries know and are often aware of, we are popular for being jolly and always despite encountering problems and challenges in different aspects of life. Being expressive, we often show our various personalities indirectly like in writing poems and essays, painting, singing, dancing, hosting, cooking, and many other unique and remarkable talents. Aside from that, we are also into designing and decorating different things whether inside the house, outside our homes, the things we put in our body and face, and in everything that can be more beautified whether it's big or small. Evidence of this statement could be the handicrafts and accessories our countrymen had made throughout the years that we adorn in our bodies and faces, and we design in many parts of our homes, schools, business and other small or big establishments. These adornments and decorations, either handmade or a product of technology, can assure high quality and with unique and exceptional designs. These products are also durable and can withstand long term usage or consumption.

On this upcoming huge event that we celebrate every year, a lot of decorations are being sold in different merchandise stores especially in Divisoria, Pampanga and other famous Christmas decors locations. These beautiful and colorful things are put on many houses, stores and establishments in order to feel the Christmas spirit during the holiday season. You might be wondering what to decorate your wonderful houses this Christmas as the holidays are quickly approaching. You might feel too that the decorations you have are too old and used too much for the past Christmas season. Well, you are reading the right blog because it will save you from your pre-Christmas decoration stress.

This article would definitely help you find the best home decorations for the coming of the birth of Jesus which will absolutely match your interests and tastes. Despite the anxiety brought by the pandemic, there is something to be grateful for as this catastrophe happened and continues to destroy many lives and livelihoods in many parts of the world. Everyone is very grateful that online shopping became a trend as soon as the pandemic started. With that, decorations for birthdays, weddings, huge events, and special occasions like Christmas can be easily ordered online in just a few taps on our smartphones. It will be instantly delivered two to three days from the day you ordered, hassle free and time efficient. They also often offer the same quality just like the mall items. That is why it is highly recommended especially for busy people wanting convenience in their lives.

For Christmas 2021, the theme is vintage-inspired decorations. Hence, if there are ornaments that are still being kept in your storage rooms which were used years ago, it can still be useful and advantageous for this year's holiday season. If you have ceramic Christmas trees in your stock rooms, might as well pull it out and place it on a perfect spot in your house. Christmas trees, regardless of their colors, are one of the main highlights of your home's decorations these holidays so it must be designed generously with creative hands.

Decor Tips:

Lazada, Shopee and other online shopping malls offer string ball lights which are the best substitute for the usual Christmas lights. It can also be decorated around the Christmas tree or outside your houses. There are also trendy magical string lights nowadays which can make a perfect backdrop to the upcoming holiday parties. These lights are warm in the eyes and can be easily hung in the walls or windows of your homes.


Next off is plush Christmas gnome. These gnomes are believed to bring good fortune and gifts that's why it is an ideal display especially during the holiday season. If your door is a little bit gloomy, though it is already Christmas, a wooden snowflake monogram door hanger is perfect to be adorned to it to add more joy before entering the house.


Bored with your scented candle set? A flameless candle set is a must-try for you. It has a remote control for operating the on and off of its light and also setting its time and duration.


Have you heard of wooden garlands? It's interesting and new to your ears, right? These can go well with garlands even though these are just connecting wooden beads.


Another unique Christmas décor recommendation is which sets of literally books are transformed to the shape of a snowman. It is interestingly catchy for bookworms. Also, with limited space, this type of snowman will surely help.


Balloons are not just for birthdays! A Christmas balloon garland kit should be added on your list of decorations because it would definitely make your interior set up a blast full of colors, especially when all your other kamag-anaks come for your Christmas reunion.


The kids will surely love knit socks where they could expect something from Santa on the day of Christmas. Adults should be prepared to put something inside the socks, like a treat or money. For others, make your Secret Santa more secretive by putting the presents inside the socks.


For an extraordinary Christmas décor, accordion Christmas trees are handcrafted and lightweight. It can be easily restored when the holidays are over. The usual Christmas Poinsettia flowers are very popular decorations in our beloved Christmas trees. They come with glitters which makes the trees flashier and more extra. Christmas trees would not be complete without a star on top of it. For a flashy Christmas tree, a glittered Christmas tree star is perfect to complete the setup. To achieve a beautiful look of your Christmas tree from the bottom to the top, purchase a cable knit tree skirt now so the bottom part of the tree can also be stylish and on-themed.


To those people with mainit ang Pasko, this one is perfect for you. adorn the house with a customized first Christmas marble ornament. This can also be a perfect gift for newly weds, new partners, or couples out there.


During Noche Buena, the table can be styled with the help of burlap table runners. It is also designed for the Christmas season. But nothing beats the beauty of the handa itself.


All the ornaments mentioned above are optional and not necessarily needed. It is up to you whether to add these to your carts or purchase these items immediately. But it would indeed highlight the real visualization of Christmas to many people. After all, there will always be a feeling of satisfaction and excitement when you get to see the overall result of your Christmas designs. As I’ve noted earlier, decorating things is one way of expressing oneself and personality. Let us acknowledge the time and effort we put into making our homes more beautiful than before because we all exert creativity and perseverance to achieve its wonderful and colorful outcome.

Designing can also be a therapy for some individuals who experience mild or severe stress and anxiety especially during this pandemic. Picking the right color or choosing the appropriate décor can be very exciting which could also involve creative thinking and decision making tools. It also helps divert our focus from the stressful things that are happening to us because these beautiful decors’ visuals can bring joy and happiness to an individual psychologically. The quote, “What the eyes see reflects on the soul.” can be applied to this certain topic. Seeing glitter and flashy stuff could help lighten up our mood and make our smiles more meaningful and real.

Here in the Philippines, people around the neighborhood have their own creative ways of decorating their simple homes. Having just a nipa hut or living in an enormous townhouse inside an executive village is not an issue on how you should decorate and beautify your homes. The important thing is you adorn it with your creative mind and exert effort generously to be able to come up with the best decor outcome possible which will make you happy and content afterwards. Nonetheless, celebrating Christmas here in the Philippines is all about taking time to be thankful for all the blessings God has given to us, spending more time with our loved ones, treating ourselves equally with proper love and care, and most especially, making use of the holidays as the season of giving, hope, love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and the season that each one of us should be happy and excited. The birth of Jesus is about to come. That is why we all hope everyone can remember to celebrate it solemnly despite the extraordinary and loud events that awaits us. Christmas is not always about giving and receiving gifts and money. It is not always about preparing different delicious food for our loved ones. It is not always the Christmas trees, lights, and lanterns we decorate our houses to make it livelier. Oftentimes, we forget about the real and true meaning of Christmas. December 25 is a day to be immensely thankful and grateful for the things we have and also, for the things we do not have. In short, it is about the feeling of being content in every thing we have right now. It is a chance to keep going no matter how hard or easy the circumstances are. It is an opportunity to reflect from ourselves and to grow from our past experiences. It is a sign to pray for a blessed and fruitful new year that is about to come. Christmas, no matter how good or bad the person is, no matter how responsible or neglected the person is, no matter how poor or rich people are, is for everyone. Christmas is a new chance to live your life to the fullest. To set goals and achieve your dreams. Christmas could be a reason to love yourself even more. Christmas is for yourself.


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