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Resiliency in the Midst of Pandemic: Real Estate Industry

We know how big the turn over of adjustments has been since the pandemic started. It changed how all people lived at home, work space, schools, business and especially in medical fields. The way we eat, shop, socialize and work are no longer what we were used to before. We are now living in a technological world where everything is done through digital media platforms. It has been tiring to keep ourselves safe and clean by using facemasks, face shields and alcohol all the time and keeping a distance from every person we encounter.

As much as we wanted to surpass the battle in aiding the continuous surge of cases of Covid-19, we cannot do much as it also tightens the strings of focusing on the essentials and human lives. This demand set many types of space to go down through physical distancing, in the direct change the way people inhabit and explore things. It sent shockwaves through our livelihoods that made us much uncertain in our future. However, as times go by we adapt with it, given to it the roll out of vaccines and better treatments with the help of huge scientific research efforts.

Labeling Real Estate

Given these factors of how much Covid-19 pandemic affects people and society, there is a groundbreaking crisis that drives the decrease in value in the real estate industry. Real Estate is the right of property in land, buildings, air rights and underground rights. It also refers to real or physical property that in business terms might refer to selling, producing and buying a property. This also includes any tangible arrangement for improvement that will be installed in the said property. It has to be stated as "improved” if any of these lands has a structure that has been refined. Real Estate can be categorized into four types. First is Residential properties, which includes properties for domestic residence, townhouses, condominiums, high value homes and vacation rentals. Second is Commercial properties, which includes structures that produce income like malls, hotels, services, businesses and offices. Third is Industrial properties, which includes structures that are used for manufacturing, production and storage like factories, warehouses and research centers. And lastly, Land properties which includes lands that are vacant or undeveloped areas like farms and ranches.

How Real Estate Works in the Pandemic?

Moving on, let’s talk about how Real Estate Industries work after a journey with pandemic and how it affects them. It is really visible that the Real Estate sector has been affected in many unprecedented ways that every developer and investors didn't expect. Over the past years, real estate has been significantly generating steady cash flow and return but since the outbreak happened, impacts are really noticeable if we look at the financial side of it. Those with greater human density such as healthcare facilities, malls, students dormitories and restaurants had the hardest shocks to compensate. Since the stated infrastructure requires human engagement, it was negatively affected since physical contacts are prohibited so as the number of consumers decreases. With all the lockdowns that have been implemented, it shanks the rate of expected return of income and profit that generate cash flows in mostly commercial premises.

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic in Real Estate Industry

Changed Performance

Since the pandemic started there is a decrease in the performance rate in the Real Estate Industry. Many people have seen the growth of it and now seeing the up and down journey of the industry. This sudden outbreak struggles real estate owners and operators to mitigate risk and solutions for a sudden demand of capabilities of safer and efficient properties. But the real estate market is not on its downside as it looks. All companies are working hard to balance and navigate the immediate response to the crisis while setting fair terms within the workers, staffs and users of space. Industry leaders have been diversifying the strategies that focus on sources of revenue, challenging the digital world and advanced analytics strategies. Improving the engagement within customers and employees in safe and healthy digital and physical spaces.

Permanently Changed Habits

We may predict that the pandemic will still be prolonged and probably be more frequent in the future. That's why it is expected to experience more short term habits in terms of service. People in Real Estate Industry are already looking ahead towards what they can do more to resolve the crisis, improving strategies and discovering long-term resiliency. Prioritizing what is essential and what is needed to be fully understand so that it can pinpoint the weaknesses and strengthen the strong points. With these strategies and investments, it is intended to target the market opportunities and lessen the risks of failure in order to be ahead of the competition.

Real Estate Owners and Operators

On the other hand, real estate owners and operators are also the most affected in the industry because of the pandemic. There is a drastic reduction in operating asset and real estate investments. This is evident towards consumers preferring video conferences, shopping malls forced to lessen physical services that consumers shift to using digital platforms to utilize their necessities. Supermarkets with mainstream retailers tend to compete with online retailers today. In line with Industrial spaces, owners and operators experience a high demand in services like improvement of units to fit in the current situation where safety and cleanliness is absorbed and maintained to give a sufficient high-quality of service.


Those buyers who were in the midst of paying or initiating the buying process tended to postpone the purchase since the pandemic happened. It is reasonable because when considering buying a lot or infrastructure there should be inspections that is now prohibited today since physical contact should be lessened. Also since remote workers are implemented, there is a few service in terms of the onsite security. Another reason is that the government is also on its act taking measures to improve measures like increasing home loan rates and tax rebates. In order to continue a great performance, the industry takes the trend in using virtual transactions, virtual tours and real estate portals.

Increased Interest Rates

Real Estate assets are continuously impacted by the crisis. The effects of it range toward the real estate market specifically to those who deal with real assets. For example are the hospitals who are in most used space today that are in need of capacity and flexibility. Real estate investors should know how to organize their portfolios and make their operations sustainable. There are cases where they guide consumers in considering installments so that it would not be that heavy to take action. It should always be a fair trade between both parties.

Tenants Unable to Pay Rents

The pandemic has been a big source of loss of income for many consumers today. That is why the money that should be lended in paying rents ends up being considered for basic necessities. They struggle a lot paying since the real time amount of profit is not the same as before. Real estate owners and landlords came up with fair solutions like allowing consumers to pay in increments or installments, removing late penalty fees, discussing late payments and always informing consumers if there are any changes within the agreement. To meet at the same grounds between the landlord and tenants would make the transaction as smooth as possible. It is always a good response for help to be able to overcome crisis in these challenging times.

Crisis Management of Real Estate Agents During Pandemic

Flexible Transactions

As much as what shortcomings the pandemic gives, there still a wide place that Real Estate does in the community. To be flexible towards what people need, the agents, owners and operators still manage to do transactions by using online platforms. It set a highlighted standard to more digital payments and businesses moving away from the traditional way of paying. The benefits for the industries is high since it has a long-term effect for all the consumers for they find it a faster transaction and flexible towards its capabilities. Since pandemic requires less physical contact, using online transactions makes it possible for consumers to meet what they need and to continue their business with it. With the secure payment transactions and systems, it would be able to accommodate demands and retain a relevant move towards a straightforward solution.

Virtual Tours

In today’s trend where technology has been the common ground of every business and transactions since the pandemic started, Real Estate Agents made tours and building inspection possible by using virtual platforms where there, it would be seen the whole property and all the details beyond it. In line with that, the deal and all the information about are also done using virtual meetings. With this, it saves a lot of time since you don’t need much effort to prepare for the meetings. Just set up the gadget you will need, a camera and a decent outfit and you are ready to go! This is a big chance for every real estate agents to continue their transactions even though there is this crisis going on today.

Valuable Information

We know how much pandemic changes people’s perspective in life. In this industry, it is so much needed to remain the trust between the agents and the consumers. As a consumer, it is important to always secure every detail needed in every transaction since it is their right to know it. And to keep that, having valuable information in this uncertain environment is the most needed. It is better to prepare every details. Prepare listings of information and guide that tells part by part strategies to have a proper management for the transactions. Stay from the top trends and factors that can impact the strategies to maintain good service. It is also important to always check and track important details like increasing of demands, prosper profits and knowing the trends.

Know the Prospects

When the agent knows how to manage responsibilities towards the client or prospects, it is easier to develop a strong strategy to maintain a good relationship within the client or an aimed prospects. Now that we have a pandemic, clients tend to have struggles in dealing with their payments or the process to continue what they have started in line with the real estate industry. With that, you should know how to keep up with the clients or prospects, on where you could guide and help them. It is good to maintain communication with them through virtual meetings and phone calls and update them for fresh updates about their transactions. A good and constant communication earns the trust and satisfaction of a client.

The Future and the Real Estate Industry

It is expected that every thing since the pandemic started will never be the same again. There will be a constant change wherein people should adjust and be familiar with the new normal. It would be stressful but what is needed is to look forward and make decisions on what is essential. To think of it, there are so many more advantages that we can adapt to what is happening today. The large amount of time that is wasted from commuting can now be an extra time for preparing virtual appointments and meetings. Being flexible towards everything should always be maintained as it generates creative ideas between colleagues and induces greater social well beings.

As we adapt the technology more today, the real estate industry has been planning and visioning the future from the present. Real estate Industry has been moving towards digitizing developments, creating an impact through virtual reality that enhances the communication towards new opportunities and engagements. From today’s Covid-19 environment, there is so much need in vaccines and facilities that there is an abundant increase in manufacturers and securing the supplies means that the real estate industry will vision a demand for more commercial and industrial buildings and spaces needed for the specialized usage and storage facilities. It is indeed that Covid-19 has changed the global economic outlook and the important risks facing humanity.



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