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Real Estate Tour

Efficiently visiting seasonal Philippine real estate properties in one day

Whether you are new to the Philippines or already have a property in the Philippines, Bed & Go's representative Ishibashi will give you a detailed tour in Japanese so that you can understand the current state of Philippine real estate in one day. We will show you the actual seasonal property, so there may be special projects that can be introduced only to customers who participated in this tour. Especially for customers who are considering purchasing real estate in the Philippines for the first time, we recommend that you first participate. We look forward to your application.

Leasing a Home

1. Explaining the current state of Philippine real estate

First, Bed & Go representative Ishibashi will explain the current situation of Philippine real estate, today's schedule, points of the property to be viewed today.

2. Question-and-answer session

We will accept your questions and consultations from time to time. The same applies during the property preview. Please feel free to contact us.

Modern Villa

3. Property inspection

Introducing seasonal Philippine real estate. We will explain the points of the property while having a preview of the property.

4. Comprehensive consulting

We will have a property preview in the afternoon with lunch in between. After the property listing is complete, we will provide individual real estate consulting only to the customers who wish.

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