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Why Do Skyscrapers Look Good in Metro Manila?


Condominiums are indeed meant for convenience and accessibility to common urban essentials. It is the most basic reason why many people working or studying in the city invest in different condos around Metro Manila. Moreover, high-end, and residential condominiums in the National Capital Region are known for its majestic city views especially on how the various city lights are aligned at night, which could calm the mind and soul of condo owners. It makes them more comfortable too because people living at higher floors can see beautiful sceneries just by looking outside of their own condo units.

According to the Britannica Dictionary, a skyscraper is a very tall multistoried building. Skyscrapers were developed coincidentally by several technological and social developments. Its term is originally applied for buildings which have 10 to 20 stories. When the late 20th century came, skyscraper was used to describe high-rise buildings that have uncommon height of generally greater than 40 or 50 stories. As the population increases for many urban areas across the world, architectural experts make use of establishing buildings that rise rather than spread. Skyscrapers were originally a form of commercial architecture, but through the years, it has been used for residential purposes as well to accommodate urban people seeking for a place to be called their “own home” which is near their school, work, business location, and other places essential for them. Development of design and construction can also be seen for construction firms strategize to be able to conserve energy for it is a need on early 21st century. A way of conserving energy is by establishing sealed windows that could make necessary continuous circulation of air or cooling. This made way for mid-rise skyscrapers to operable windows and glass walls which are tinted to be able to reflect the sun’s rays. Skyscrapers, if you are not going to look at them closely, may just seem similar for everyone because these give same accommodation and services. However, there will always be a difference between one and the other through their architectural designs or interiors, different amenities provided, staff and management treatment to their guests and residents, and on how current condo unit owners and potential buyers perceive the establishment itself. Also, if you are going to be observant, especially while roaming across the different cities of Metro Manila, you can notice that high-rise condominiums seem to be anywhere our eyes could reach. This means it indeed became one of the trendiest lifestyles that is popular for urban people nowadays. Condo investors cannot be blamed for this because living in a condo could mean living a luxury life since it is really a good investment which means a more comfortable life awaits you in the future.

Everybody knows how busy Metro Manila is. Different business ventures and employment can be seen in the business districts of the cities. This is the reason why a lot of people choose to live within the vicinity for easy access to necessities and, for convenience in accordance with their lifestyle. There are also several facilities and amenities offered by condominium owners which will make you really think of choosing to buy a condo unit in the metro, other than purchasing a house and lot away from your workplace or school. Given the situation in Manila where everyone is busy living their own lives, construction firms see this as an opportunity for them to grow their business which is mainly establishing and building different skyscrapers that will soon be used as residential or commercial condominiums. Also, the decided locations of these establishments are near the high-rise buildings too. With that, architectural experts make sure that the site to locate a particular condo would have a great and amazing view. This is an important marketing strategy because they need to understand the behavior of their customers. Architects, engineers, and the management itself should know that some of the potential condo buyers could be sensitive to ambiance, afraid of heights, or some like natural light to be seen in his or her space, and many other characteristics. Everything should be considered and well-planned so that even the small details while establishing the condominium can be discussed and agreed upon by the management. Communication in this part of planning and implementation of the plan is indeed an essential component for the management or board committee to be able to brainstorm and conceptualize the whole structure of the soon to rise condo. Indeed, it is a smart move to establish condos in the cities of Metro Manila since the increasing population has an effect on this kind of business. With the increase of population, comes with the rising conflict of food and most importantly, shelter. With the help of building condos, small spaces can be used wisely and effectively with a strong foundation and appropriate structure enough for people to be accommodated.

Firms strategize gaining more potential condo unit buyers by considering situating their place to a location with a nice and calming view. Who would not want to see beautiful scenery just a few steps away from your home? Everyone will surely like and be in love with it.

The following condominiums that will be mentioned are some of the top condominiums in Metro Manila which possesses breath-taking views.

  1. Radiance Manila Bay

It was developed by Robinsons Land Corporation. A two-tower residential condominium which is situated across the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is situated architecturally near cultural wonders such as the Folk Arts Theater, Metropolitan Museum of Manila and some of the high-class hotels, that is why condo unit owners will have a great and one of a kind experience of viewing at their windows with its theme of Old Manila.

  1. Proscenium

It was developed by Rockwell Land and designed by a famous architect named Carlos Ott. His famous works include the Opera Bastille in Paris so expect a classic and exceptional architectural interior around the condominium. The said condo stands at the zenith of high-end residential design here in the Philippines. Proscenium is located at Rockwell Center. This architectural design redefines upscale living because of its outstanding interior design and sophistication. A huge flex in this condo is that unit owners can witness the unique view of the Makati skyline in each unit.

  1. The Imperium

It was developed by Ortigas and Co. which is the most luxurious residential tower in Pasig with a height of 62 story high. Every unit is impressively complemented by its trapezoidal canted windows which reduces the need for artificial lighting. It also offers not just a peek into the Capitol Commons Park below it, but scenes of the energetic and busy city too.

  1. Shore Residences

It was developed by SMDC located in the vicinity of the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. It offers the finest resort living, with amazing beach-like amenities right at the heart of the development. Since it is situated near the largest mall in Asia, everything is within reach. From the huge number of shops and dining spots to the different array of activities and attractions in the Entertainment City, it is absolutely worth investing in. Living in Shore Residences is just like going on a vacation every day. The condo features a man-made beach in the backyard, which is a few steps away from the residents’ home. Even if you want to experience and dive in the amazing pool, you can still enjoy the warmth and breeze of summer without living on the balcony of your home.

  1. Admiral Bay Suites

It was developed by Robinsons Land and located at Roxas Boulevard near the port. The above-mentioned runs along the shores of Manila Bay and it is most famous for its wonderful sunset views as well as the stretch of coconut trees along it. This high-rise condominium is also closely located to yacht clubs, parks, restaurants, and entertainment spots. It feels like a weekend every day because of different places to choose from.

  1. Park West at Grand Central Park

It was developed by Federal Land which is located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Urban dwellers nowadays love seeking a unique and alternative lifestyle that is why Park West is perfect for these kinds of people. It brings the flair and sophistication of the “Big Apple” right in Metro Manila. Residents can experience the New York City-inspired community at the north side of BGC. This ingenious mixed-use township brings a combination of distinctive mix of residential, commercial, business and leisure aspects that makes every condo buyer feel that their investment and choice to live at Park West is worthy. It was designed by world famous visionaries, Arch. Jose Pedro Recio, Ariane Steinbeck, Gettys Chicago, and HOK U.S.A. This condominium is indeed full of amazing architecture, classy interiors, modern finishes, and breathtaking views. It is a 41-storey property which means that it will give you a bird’s eye view of Bonifacio Global City and the rest of Taguig.

  1. Paseo Heights

It was developed by Megaworld Corporation. It is standing in the heart of the Bel-Air Village which is a 30-storey residential tower. Paseo Heights has an obstructed view of Jaime Velasquez Park, which is also known as Salcedo Park. Potential residents and condo owners will surely experience the coveted park side living, easy access to Makati’s best kept secrets, and an aesthetic and original community life with the best and most friendly neighbors.

Indeed, a lot of benefits can be obtained while living in a condominium. High-rise building residents are often noted as people living vertically. In a vertical city, basically it is an entire human habitat contained in a massive skyscraper. These vertical cities prove that it would definitely solve the problem of overpopulation and overcrowding. Instead of destroying forests to build townhouses and subdivision, shopping centers, and factories, they can all be placed in a tower which has access to everything. It will also help preserve the environment. Sky high construction amplifies the available living and working space, which reduces the impact of overpopulation. Living in a vertical city would be a lot more convenient since everything you need and you do is all set up there. You could live, work, study within the vicinity only. A trivia about vertical city is that it could be used for farming and agriculture. With proper planning, these vertical towers can be run and established wisely and carefully. Unless someone or something discovers a better answer, vertical cities currently take the lead as the key to sustainability. However, establishing vertical towers is quite costly and time-consuming. The number one to be addressed is the issue of construction finance. Those with resources must be persuaded by this solution before proceeding, even though it would be typically difficult and challenging. A little planning and thorough research are indeed a must. Given that vertical cities are close spaces and might trigger anxiety and depression to residents, property owners made sure to provide open areas near the outer parameters to provide fresh air and natural sunlight. Outdoor swimming pools and recreational areas are big and helpful tools too. For safety and security of residents, it is important to have several evacuation routes in case disaster strikes. This is the risky part about living in vertical towers. The fear of natural calamities and disasters that might arrive. But the management should make sure there is a big plan if ever this would eventually happen, and always ensure residents that they are safe and secured within the condo’s vicinity. Talking about great views a while ago, these vertical towers could truly help residents to become more productive because they could witness breathtaking views. Different amenities and entertainment options such as movie theaters, parks and amusement rides could definitely contribute to a person’s mental health with, of course, appropriate usage of time and perseverance to be productive.

Everyone has their own different and creative ways of making themselves happy. The most important thing is it is a must to put into consideration the several aspects of life relating to the customers’ attitude and behavior towards their day-to-day living. As responsible and reliable management of a condominium, as cliché as it may seem, they should always remember to put customers on top of their priority for the business to flow smoothly and accordingly.




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